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Great Eye! Look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work.

Rosemary Gerry

Beautiful Work!

Ian Sterling

Imaginative,Creative and Refreshing

Tim Colman

I love your photos especially the Rails to Nowhere, seemed very poetic.

Charlie Hunter

Your photographs are stunning. You have some of the best wildlife photography I have ever seen. Great work Paula.

Candice Nilsson

Paula I am blown away with these photographs! Stunning!

Lee Kolmer

Beautiful exquisite work, the kind Id love to be able to do.

Lorena Cuevas

The cityscape is fantastic, I’ll be purchasing one for my office.

Sue Irwin

Great work! Love the Pidgeon Point Lighthouse

Grace Gilliam

Keep up the great work!

Jeff Raymond

You have a great eye for photography. I’m glad to know you and for you having this web site. Good work.

Joe DuBois

A true artist touches the soul. Thank you for touching mine


I Like your work very much. Natures Creatures are very eyes catching, Sweet Light is very erotic, Rails to Nowhere is incredible love the perspective and your photo of the Lilly Pond is Delicious. You do have a wonderful way with Nature.

Gila Lane

Your photo of the Lilly Pads stopped me dead in my tracks. I have two beautiful Ansel Adams prints in my office, and I think the Lilly pads would be a wonderful contrast. Do you have a studio in the area?

Jamie Peters

Really Wonderful! (Capturing the essence of possibilities)

Hannah Hall

Great Eye, Love your work.

Richard Parr

We are loving your bobcat drinking water (and its lovely reflection) photo that we brought home yesterday from the gallery in Olympia. It has already received comments from visitors. It was also nice to read your bio and artist’s statement.

Karen Rice

Very imaginative work, I just love the Nature Creatures shots.

Dana Edgar

Very Unique and new age your very talented.

Perry Rummel

Your dedication to capturing birds in their most intimate moments is breathtaking!  Few of us have the patience or knowledge to find them and we can all enjoy them through your lens! Stunning work!!

Julie Kluh

You wonderfully capture life!

Lee Marvin

Beautiful work! Your sense of balance, style, use of texture and color really separate your talents from your peers. Keep up the great work and continue to “see’ all the beauty you capture.​

William Hollis


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